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Company Name M・H・GROUP LTD.
Company Address 1-11-1 Sendagaya, Shibuyaku, Tokyo 151-0051 Japan
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer zheng jianhao
Fumihiko Sato
Date founded April 4, 1990
Capital 500,000 thousand yen
Fiscal Year From July 1 to Jun 30
Business Activities Management of mod’s hair salons, management of hair&makeup artists and development of private brand products.
Consolidated Employee 189(as of Dec 31.2016)
Directors and Auditors zheng jianhao Chairman of the board of directors and Chief Executive Officer
Fumihiko Sato President and Chief Executive Officer
Reiko Akemine Vice President
Shigeyuki Kobayashi Director
Kumiko Tomisawa Director
Song Yuhai Director
Ma Haozhen Director
Chen ChuChun Director
Koki Suzuki Senior Corporate Auditor
Takashi Namatame (outside) Auditor
Shuhei Yoshida (outside) Auditor
Xie Simin (outside) Auditor
Group Companies

Atelier・M・H Co., Ltd.

Right Staff Co., Ltd.

Arts Co., Ltd.


Address:1-11-1 Sendagaya, Shibuyaku, Tokyo 151-0051 Japan

  • mod's hair
  • アーツ株式会社
  • mod's hair AGENCY